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Reese Jubier, an emerging American artist based in Bergen County, New Jersey, embarked on her artistic journey during the Covid quarantine period. Initially pursued as a means of escape from the disheartening global news, her art quickly evolved into a profound passion. Painting became her therapeutic sanctuary, enabling her to articulate emotions that were often challenging to express otherwise.

What captivates Reese most about the art form is its inherent subjectivity, where each viewer interprets the meaning through their unique life experiences. In this sense, she becomes an open book, inviting others to decipher her work through the lens of their own journey.

Reese possesses a deep affinity for the delicate allure of soft pastels and has recently ventured into the realm of larger canvases, exploring the vibrant possibilities of acrylics. Her artistic prowess has garnered recognition, as she secured awards in two consecutive editions of the Bergen County Art Show. In her dedication to nurturing budding artists, she conducts art camps, empowering young individuals to discover and amplify their creative voices.

Maintaining an active presence on social media, Reese's commitment to her craft extends to daily painting practice, even if it's just to preserve the artistry's muscle memory.

Beyond the canvas, Reese finds inspiration in world travel, scuba-diving adventures, the discovery and creation of global culinary delights, and the joyful upbringing of her two spirited daughters.

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