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La Guardienne du Jardin Print is a stunning piece of art that will instantly catch your eye. This beautiful piece is designed to protect the garden of your inner world. With intricate details and a strong presence, she stands tall and proud, ready to fend off any negative energy that may come your way. Crafted from high-quality materials, this piece is a true work of art that will enhance the beauty of any space it is placed in. Bring La Guardienne du Jardin into your home or office and enjoy the protection and inspiration she provides.

La Guardienne du Jardin Print

  • Fine Art Giclee Print of Acrylic Painting. 

  • Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay”) printing is a method for reproducing fine art. Its name comes from the French term, “la giclée,” which can be defined as “that which is sprayed or squirted.” Giclee printing is a type of inkjet printing where a printer crafts high-quality prints by spraying ink with a great deal of precision. Not all inkjet printing is giclee printing, with giclee printing representing the highest-quality version of inkjet printing.


    These are printed on demand and on archival paper.

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