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Little Mokita Print is a stunning piece of art that speaks to the hidden truths we all choose to ignore. Inspired by the Kivila language of Papua New Guinea, this painting depicts Mokita, the truth we know but don't always acknowledge. The artist has skillfully crafted Mokita as a highlighted shadow, symbolizing the light that shines on the things we'd rather not see. This piece is sure to add a unique and thought-provoking touch to any art collection.

Little Mokita Print

  • Fine Art Giclee Print of Oil Painting. Impasto style with palette knife. 

  • Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay”) printing is a method for reproducing fine art. Its name comes from the French term, “la giclée,” which can be defined as “that which is sprayed or squirted.” Giclee printing is a type of inkjet printing where a printer crafts high-quality prints by spraying ink with a great deal of precision. Not all inkjet printing is giclee printing, with giclee printing representing the highest-quality version of inkjet printing.


    These are printed on demand and on archival paper.

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